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"Christian" Cults and Sects This essay helps us to understand how we can discern the difference between legitimate Christian denominations and "Christian" sects by explaining how many modern sects compare to Biblical Christianity. Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum
A Brief History of Literary Theory Chris Lang examines the history of Literary Theory. Chris Lang
Comparing Modernist and Postmodern Educational Theory This chart, adapted from Dennis' book, Death of Truth, contrasts the modernist view of various educational factors with the postmodernist view. Dennis McCallum
Comparing Postmodernism, Modernism, and Theism This chart, adapted from Dennis' book, Death of Truth, contrasts postmodern, modern, and theistic worldviews. Dennis McCallum
Contextualization: Building Bridges to the Muslim Community We consider models of contextualization as it relates to Islam, critical problems with these models, and strategic application of the model we advocate. Jim Leffel
Engineering Life: Defining "Humanity" In A Postmodern Age Are basic human rights changing? Jim Leffel examines how we should treat fellow humans in an increasingly postmodern age. Jim Leffel
Five Worldviews Dennis outlines the different perspectives that are represented by the broad categories of spiritual beliefs. Dennis McCallum
Optimistic Secular Humanism Dennis provides an overview of the Humanistic worldview. Dennis McCallum
Postmodernism: The 'Spirit of the Age' Jim examines the current Postmodern attitude in our culture and its implications. Jim Leffel
The Background of Islam A summary of the history and teaching of Islam. Mark Bair and Dennis McCallum
The Postmodern Critique of Science This chart, adapted from Dennis' book, Death of Truth, illustrates the difference in postmodern thought from traditional scientific values. Dennis McCallum
Understanding Basic Beliefs Jim Leffel helps us to understand how to assess an individual's most basic beliefs. Jim Leffel
Understanding Today's Postmodern University Jim Leffel examines the growing postmodern beliefs in college students. Jim Leffel
What is a Cult? Is Christianity just one big cult, or is it possible to differentiate Christianity from cultic practice? How are high commitment churches different from cults, and how do we consistently distinguish between the two? James M. Rochford