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A Vision For Christian Servanthood Elder Dennis McCallum articulates what he saw as the correct vision for Xenos during a time in 1993 when the vision for Xenos was ambiguous and not agreed upon. Dennis McCallum
Areas of Leadership Responsibility All leaders need to be ready in principle to perform in a variety of areas on occasion. These areas are outlined, along with questions for reflection. Dennis McCallum
Balance in Spiritual Experience: "Crisis" vs "Process" When Christians emphasize "crisis" as much as or more than "process," they tend to make some serious mistakes. We should be aware of these mistakes ourselves, and we should help those under our leadership steer clear of them. Gary DeLashmutt
Dependent Relationship Clusters This is a portion of a book review on the book "Toxic Faith" and discusses notions of dependency, leadership neglect and what kind of emotional support is appropriate. Dennis McCallum
Developing a Theology of Failure This paper is based on a team lecture given by McCallum and DeLashmutt at a Xenos leaders' meeting in the 80's. At that time, some leaders were expressing dismay and confusion because they had, or were, failing at in their groups. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Effective Leaders Meetings This essay provides a brief guide on how leaders meetings can help a home group "stay the course." Doug Patch
Eleven Reasons Why Home Fellowship Groups Usually Fail Dennis covers many causes that often play a role in the failure of home groups. Dennis McCallum
Factors in Leading Change in the Church We should consider a number of special factors when our leadership is taking people from an established way of doing things to a new way. Dennis McCallum
Follow Up Workshop Dennis McCallum reviews what followup means, who should be engaging and what proper goals should be. Dennis McCallum
Goals for Personal Discipleship This paper, adopted for a Xenos leadership class, was written in order to help set Biblical goals in the lives of those striving to be like Christ.
Helping People & Home Groups through Change This essay will help provide a model for helping us motivate people or groups to change, in the direction God intends, and with the motives he prescribes. Doug Patch
Home Church Follow Up It is necessary to have a healthy, Biblical view of what it means to continue to engage those individuals whom God puts in our lives. These authors outline such an approach. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
How to Motivate People Dennis reviews what proper Christian motivation looks like and how to understand if someone is properly motivated. Dennis McCallum
How to Run a Workers Prayer Meeting Read about how to facilitate a productive prayer meeting. Dennis McCallum
Leaders Guiding the Decision Making Process This essay gives an overview for ensuring productive decision making within the context of important leadership choices. Doug Patch