Essay Description Author
How to View Change in the Church Dennis details a proper reaction to change within a local church. Dennis McCallum
How We Got the Canon of Scripture Dennis provides a look into how the books of the Bible came together. Dennis McCallum
Individual and Group Duplication Model Dennis McCallum provides a simple model of duplication to provide a general outline for goals and expectations. Dennis McCallum
Inductive Bible Study This outline provides an overview of the Inductive Bible Study method, a practical method of interpreting the Bible to properly understand and apply it. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Leaders Guiding the Decision Making Process This essay gives an overview for ensuring productive decision making within the context of important leadership choices. Doug Patch
Leadership and Authority in the Church: What It Is and Isn't There are legitimate and illegitimate ways to use one's authority. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt examine those areas in which authority should and should not be exercised, using Scripture to inform the discussion. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Leadership Team Building These considerations are helpful when working with fellow leaders. Dennis McCallum
Leading Church Discipline This essay overviews a variety of practical methods of church discipline. Dennis McCallum
Leading Home Church Evangelism Although we can use a wide variety of evangelistic methods, our job as leaders is to understand and teach those principles that are most suitable and effective in our home church. Dennis lays out a variety of evangelistic principles. Dennis McCallum
Leading Home Church Follow Up Leaders need to coordinate and be mindful of teaching and modeling legitimate Biblical follow up. Dennis McCallum
Leading Stewardship in a Home Group Dennis McCallum provides biblical insight on building an effective leadership approach in the area of stewardship. Dennis McCallum
Leading When You're Not a Gifted Leader Lead Pastor Gary DeLashmutt addresses how we can approach the call to leadership when we are not gifted in leadership. Gary DeLashmutt
Learning Theory and Christian Leadership Both Behaviorism-Social Learning and Cognitive-Discovery have much to offer the thoughtful Christian leader. Dennis McCallum
Legalism in Translation How the Bible is translated colors how we understand it. In this essay, Dennis examines how certain translations allow their legalistic bias to color the way in which they translate the text. Dennis McCallum
Lesslie Newbigin, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society and the “Emergent Church” Movement Dennis critiques Newbigin's reaction to postmodernist claims. Dennis McCallum