Essay Description Author
Understanding Basic Beliefs Jim Leffel helps us to understand how to assess an individual's most basic beliefs. Jim Leffel
Understanding Ministry Understanding Ministry is a teaching tool designed to enable groups to delve into ecclesiology and applied theology in the area of ministry within the local church. Most of the Teacher's Guide is also included here for browsing or downloading. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Understanding the Difference Between Justice and Discipline This chart contrasts the important distinctions between God's justice and His discipline. Dennis McCallum
Understanding Today's Postmodern University Jim Leffel examines the growing postmodern beliefs in college students. Jim Leffel
Urban Home Church Planting at Xenos Dennis reviews the successful elements, as well as constraints, to urban home church planting in America. Dennis McCallum
Verbal Plenary Inspiration This outline defines, and lays out a brief case for, verbal plenary inspiration. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Vision and Christian Leadership Dennis reviews what it means to develop a Biblical vision and practical ideas for developing vision as a leader. Dennis McCallum
Walking in Victory Study Guide Dennis McCallum
Watchman Nee and the House Church Movement in China Nee is little known in the west, mainly because his "interpreters" have put their own slant on his teachings. Meanwhile, house churches in China have reached millions in the past fifty years at a time when the church in the West has been stagnant. Dennis McCallum
What about Medical Marijuana? As cannabis is increasingly being legalized for medical use, Leffel discusses whether and under what conditions its use would be appropriate. Jim Leffel
What Believers Receive This chart, adapted from Dennis' book, Walking in Victory, explains some of what is true about us if we are in Christ. Dennis McCallum
What is a Christian Leader There are a variety of characteristics which should define Biblical leaders. Each helps to inform our understanding of what a Biblical leader as a whole should look like. Dennis McCallum
What is a Cult? Is Christianity just one big cult, or is it possible to differentiate Christianity from cultic practice? How are high commitment churches different from cults, and how do we consistently distinguish between the two? James M. Rochford
What is Worship? Lee offers an explanation of what biblical worship actually means and how to engage in it. Lee Campbell PhD.
What Makes Someone a Christian Leader? Dennis McCallum argues that our mission is to discern whom God has chosen to be a leader, and to ratify, or recognize that choice. Dennis McCallum