Essay Description Author
The Problem of Apparent Chronological Contradictions in the Synoptics A quick glance at a side-by-side ordering of the gospel accounts is enough to reveal how closely the Synoptics follow each other as they recount the life and teaching of Christ Joe Botti, Tom Dixon, and Alex Steinman
The Problem of Evil Dennis presents several of the main responses to the presence of evil in the world and its impact on the existence of the God of the Bible. Dennis McCallum
The Role of Women in the Church: New Material Leads to a New View Dennis McCallum reviews two books: Good News for Women by Rebecca Groothuis and I Suffer Not a Woman by Richard Clark Kroeger and Catherine Clark Kroeger. Dennis McCallum
The Russian Factory and the Evangelical Church As the Soviet Union disintegrated, Xenos Fellowship was confronting reorganization and the dangers associated with building a bureaucracy. At the same time, we were in dialog with other churches about how they organized their ministry. Dennis McCallum
The Shepherd Motif in the Old and New Testament Mary Beth examines the Shepherd motif found throughout the Old and New Testaments and the significance of Jesus claiming to be the Good Shepherd. Mary Beth Gladwell
The Under Law Debate This chart, adapted from Dennis' book, Walking in Victory, lists the typical responses in the debate on whether Christians are "under law." Dennis McCallum
The Unity of Old Testament Theology A summary of nine themes that are common to both the Old and New Testaments is given. The themes begin in the Old Testament and are either completed or more fully explained in the revelation of the New. Steve Bauer, Dave Glover, John McKewen, and Todd Mullen
The Waldensian Movement From Waldo to the Reformation This movement suffered bitter persecution at the hands of the established church mainly for the "sin" of translating the Bible into the vernacular and presuming to use their gifts and ministries. Dennis McCallum
The World System in the Bible Dennis and Gary outline what the Bible says about the World System. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Theistic Apologetics Dennis and Gary outline the types of Theistic apologetics that can be utilized, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Theology Proper Dennis and Gary briefly outline the nature and attributes of God, citing Biblical support. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Toward A Philosophy of Christian Leadership Do groups really need human leaders? Dennis McCallum discusses God's use of human agency in His work. Dennis McCallum
Toward an Approach to Christian Ethics Dennis outlines how we can approach the topic of Christian ethics. Dennis McCallum
Toxic Faith, By Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton: A Critical Evaluation This review is an assessment written by Dennis on the theology and reasoning of the book, "Toxic Faith." Dennis McCallum
Two Perspectives: Under Law vs. Under Grace This chart, adapted from Dennis' book, Walking in Victory, contrasts the effects of legalism against the effects of a grace centered attitude. Dennis McCallum