• Premarital 
    • Every Young Man’s Battle, Stephen Arterburn
      Christian Book on sexual struggles. Written specifically for young, single men.
    • Every Young Woman’s Battle, Shannon Etheridge
      A comprehensive look at problems that high school and college aged women face in the sexual arena.
  • Marital 
    • Act of Marriage, Tim & Beverly LaHaye
      This updated and expanded edition expands some of the subjects that were discreetly touched on in the earlier edition, explores how the latest discoveries in the field of medicine and social practice confirm the principles written about in the book
    • Act of Marriage after 40, Tim & Beverly LaHaye
      A written script for the second act of your marriage that can be better than the first! Covering such topics as nutrition, fitness, sexual desire and aging, male impotence, Viagra, female hormone drugs, menopause and hysterectomy, first-time marriage after 40, and more. Helps about how the aging process affects intimacy.”
    • The Gift of Sex, Penner and Penner
      An ideal guide for understanding sexuality, and the sexual relationship in marriage with all its pleasure, drive, frustration, and fulfillment. Clifford and Joyce Penner’s vast clinical experience leads you to explore the deep powerful, and mysterious aspects of your sexuality.”
    • Intended for Pleasure, Ed Wheat
      This is useful for the mechanics of sexuality. With the right perspective, it can be helpful. The problem with books like this is that their focus on the physicality of sex tends to pull sex out of its spiritual & relational context. There is an audio series in the Xenos Study Center (t02621 – t02624).

      The author discusses all of the potential sexual problems as well as basic contraception. It addresses issues such as infertility and sexual techniques during pregnancy.
    • No more headaches, Enjoying Sex and Intimacy in Marriage, Julianna Slattery
      This Christian psychologist directly addresses wives about the importance of sexuality in marriage. She argues that wives need to appreciate and respond to their husband’s sexual motivation. There’s a good synopsis at Focus on the Family. Unfortunately Slattery includes the idea that men have to have sex physically or they experience physical pain similar to breast engorgement in women, which is false.
    • Restoring the Pleasure, Penner & Penner
      This is helpful for couples struggling with more difficult sexual problems pertaining to desire, arousal or consummation.
    • A Celebration of Sex, Dr. Douglas E. Rosenau
      This is useful for the mechanics of sexuality. With the right perspective, it can be helpful.
    • Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy, Kevin Leman
      This is useful for the mechanics of sexuality. With the right perspective, it can be helpful. On the negative side, the goal & focus of oneness is absent. It seems to promote a sort of mutual selfishness that is bound to backfire (i.e. transactional approach; if the wife does this then the husband will do that). Bev Delashmutt prefers, Sex begins in the kitchen
    • Sex begins in the kitchen, Kevin Leman
    • Intimate Issues, Linda Dillow
      With warmth, wisdom, and candor, Dillow and Pintus answer the most-asked questions Christian women have about sexual intimacy. Their biblical insights and creative ideas will guide you and your husband to a deeper, more satisfying relationship.
  • Sexuality and parenting 
    • A Gift for all Ages: A family handbook on Sexuality, Clifford & Joyce Penner
  • Sexual Temptation in Marriage
    • Every Man’s Battle, Arterburn and Stoeker
      Christian Book on sexual addition or struggle. Practical and easy to read.
    • Every Woman’s Battle, Shannon Ethridge
      Desires that can compromise our sexual and emotional integrity. Ethridge shows how various tempting situations can undermine a marriage relationship. Her candor and honesty is refreshing.
    • Living With Your Husband’s Secret Wars, Marsha Means
      When a wife discovers her husband is entangled in sexual sin, she’s devastated. This book offers helpful proactive steps.
    • Men's Secret Wars, Patrick Means
      From workaholism to pornography, some men face destructive temptations alone. This book helps with proven strategies for defeating threats to the inner life.
    • Temptations Men Face, Tom Eisenman
      In straightforward language, Eisenman honestly discusses the difficulties he and others have had with stumbling blocks in the Christian walk.
    • When Good Men are Tempted, Bill Perkins
      Perkins unfolds a three-part game plan that can lead men to victory through various temptations.
  • Sexual Addiction 
    • False Intimacy, Harry Schaumburg
      Christian Book on sexual addition or struggle. “Stealing glances at pornographic magazines. Reading novels just to get to the “good” parts. Finding more excitement outside marriage than in it. With frank honesty, Dr. Schaumburg examines the roots behind these kinds of behaviors, offering realistic biblical direction for healing and restoration.”
    • Porn free: Finding Renewal Through Truth and Community, Brian Gardner
      This is a good overview of the problem with many practical ideas for overcoming the addiction.
    • The Rational Case against Pornography, James Rochford
    • Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain, William Struthers
      Understanding the impact of pornography on neurophysiology is a useful adjunct to other materials on this topic.
    • Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction, Gary Wilson
      This is a secular book about how pornography rewires the brain to drive addiction to pornography. It is an engaging and helpful book. See his website and his TED Talk entitled, The Great Porn Experiment.
    • Breaking Pornography Addiction, David Powlison
    • Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction, Mark R. Laaser
      The author is himself a recovering sex addict. He provides many important insights about addiction but offers little in the way of helpful suggestions about how to overcome addiction beyond moralisms.
    • Lonely all the time, Crow, et. al.
      A secular treatment of sexual addiction
    • Sexual Sanity, Earl D. Wilson
      This is a book about breaking free from uncontrolled sexual activities.
    • Eros Defiled, John White
      With tough-minded compassion, seasoned wisdom, and awareness of sin’s destructiveness, White offers forgiveness and a way out for Christians struggling with premarital and extramarital sex, homosexuality, and masturbation.
    • Sexual Integrity for Men (a course at XCF) - A class to assist Christian men who struggle with pornography to reject it, and to replace it with growth in Christ-like character, relational maturity and productive ministry involvement. Sexual Integrity is a six-week group experience intended for Christian men who are willing to do what it takes to find their way out of involvement with pornography and into an enhanced relationship with Christ. This includes addressing character defects, facing the challenges of relational growth, male sexuality and developing in self-giving love. It is more than just saying "no" to porn. We also offer a special class designed specifically for college students, and another class for women only. Watch our class offerings page for when these are offered.
  • Sexual Abuse 
    • Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse, Heitritter & Vought
      Covers diagnosis, treatment, and prevention as well as spiritual, moral, and philosophical/ethical considerations.
    • A Door of Hope, Jan Frank
    • The Wounded Heart, Dan Allender
      This book takes a personal and specific look at sexual abuse. The accompanying workbook is helpful too.
    • Sexual Abuse Support Services 
      • Sexual Abuse Workshop (GRACE; a ministry of XCF) - GRACE is a 10-week workshop that helps women resolve the damage of sexual abuse. The process involves honesty, a change of mind, yielding to God and restoring trust in God. We use the Bible, prayer, and thought-provoking exercises in a safe, compassionate and loving atmosphere of support and fellowship. Contact Barb Hulett (614) 823-6510 x 1727
      • Victory (Sexual Assault Recovery; a ministry of XCF) - Victory is a ministry to help women who have been raped begin to understand how their rape has affected their relationship with God and others, to encourage healing, to move them toward freedom to love others, and to serve the Lord more effectively. Contact Barb Hulett (614) 823-6510 x 1727. All calls are confidential and discreet.
  • Bible teaching about sex 
    • Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, Piper & Taylor
      see chapters 1-4 & 7
    • Flame of Yahweh, Davidson
      A large treatise on sexuality in the Old Testament
    • Sacred Sex, Tim A Gardner
      This gets a little odd but is a decent treatment of the holiness of sex.
  • Materials focused on cultural views of sexuality 
    • Sex and the iWorld, Dale Keuhne
      This is a great contemporary analysis of the effect of radical individualism on sexual viewpoints and a call for an rWorld (relational world) where sexuality is better expressed.
    • Real Sex, the naked truth about chastity, Lauren Winner
      A good critique of the self-serving sexuality found in our culture.
    • The Sexual Man, Archibald Hart
      Based on nationwide research, this report refutes the current myths surrounding male sexuality and offers a sane view of what it means to be male, sexual, and normal.