• General
    • Addictions: A banquet in the grave, Ed Welch
      Like Crabb, Welch has many good insights and too many words but if you can separate the fish from the bones you will find it useful. Some readers have found his perspective too judgmental others have not.
    • Addictive Behavior, Edward T. Welch and Gary Shogrem
      The authors examine addiction as a spiritual, rather than a psychological, issue. There may be genetic factors and contributing causes in the past, say the authors, but the most helpful way to overcome addiction is by approaching it as one would a sin.
    • Controlling your drinking, Miller & Muñoz
      These professors of clinical psychology provide a research based approach to drinking that will help the reader either moderate drinking or give it up all together. This is secular and practical. Miller is the originator of a widely used approach in substance abuse – motivational interviewing.
    • Alcoholism and Codependency, A. De Jong
    • The Selfish Brain: Learning from Addiction, Robert DuPont
      This book takes a look at the easy path to drug addiction and the tough road to recovery. Written in an easy-to-understand style, the book can help people confront addiction in their lives by exploring the biological roots of addiction.
    • Dying for a Drink, Spickard, A. & Thompson, B.R
      Perhaps more chilling even than the cold facts and figures are the personal confessions gathered from Dr. Wechsler's survey and Wuethrich's independent interviews. A frat brother who regularly drinks until he blacks out recounts how, if not why, he does it; a non-binge drinker tells about the secondhand effects of alcohol that he's suffered at the hands of inebriated roommates; and on- and off-campus partygoers describe the sometimes dangerous conditions encountered in college environments where heavy drinking is encouraged, especially at fraternity houses, sporting events, and university bars. But Dying to Drink doesn't just aim to scare--the authors care about solving the problem.
    • God is for the Alcoholic, Jerry G. Dunn and Bernard Alvin Palmer
      This is a book written by someone who, through God's power, escaped the pit of alcoholism. Jerry Dunn helps you understand alcoholism, gives ways to help the alcoholic, and shows the alcoholic how he can help himself.
    • Good News for the Chemically Dependent and Those Who Love Them, Jeff Vanvonderan
      “This excellent book offers hope to millions of people caught in the vortex of addiction to alcohol or some other form of prescription or non-prescription drugs. It provides steps that must be taken to overcome dependency, why total family wellness is essential to long-range recovery and what friends, loved ones and the church should do to help the dependent person.”
    • Healing Life’s Hidden Addictions, Dr. Archibald Hart
      Hart covers problems like self-hatred, worry, entertainment, food, sex, shopping, codependency, control, exercise, work, and other addictions. Some readers find him a little too harsh.
    • I’ll Quit Tomorrow, Vernon E. Johnson
      “In I'll Quit Tomorrow author Vernon Johnson, founder of the Johnson Institute, a training center for treatment providers, outlines a plan of intervention aimed at blocking the progress of alcoholism by restoring the ego strength of the victim.”
    • Under the Influence, James R. Milan & Katherine Ketcham
      “Ten of millions Americans suffer from alcoholism, yet most people still wrongly believe that alcoholism is a psychological or moral problem, and that it can be cured by psychotherapy or sheer will power. Based on groundbreaking scientific research, Under The Influence examines the physical factors that set alcoholics and non-alcoholics apart, and suggests a bold, stigma-free way of understanding and treating the alcoholic.”
  • Web Resources
  • Study Center Resources
    • The Next Life & Its Implications for this Life #4, Gary DeLashmutt with testimony by Joey Mullen (t07523)
    • Communication Keys, Norman Wright
    • Drugs & Drug Abuse, Ralph Ankenman (t00606-t00608)
    • John 12: Brokenness, James Brown (t07862)
    • Social Issues-A Spiritual Perspective III: The Family, Dennis McCallum (t05021)
  • Movies
    • 28 Days, Sandra Bullock (2000)
    • Clean and Sober, Michael Keaton (1988)
    • Days of Wine & Roses, Jack Lemmon (1962)
    • When a Man Loves a Woman, Andy Garcia, Meg Ryan (1994)
  • Support groups
    • Hope Ministry (alcohol and drug addiction; a ministry of XCF)
      Hope ministry is a Christ-centered recovery group whose goal is to reach persons who struggle with alcohol and / or drug addiction. We believe that healing from addiction comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that is lived out in a vibrant community of Christians who care about one another and keep one another accountable. While many of the Hope Ministry members are, or have been, involved in 12-step recovery, Hope is not a 12-step meeting. Instead we focus on the truth that God who created us says is true about us. We believe that our identity, far from centered on the addiction that has controlled our life, is centered on the new identity that God gives us when we meet Him personally through His Son Jesus Christ. For more information, call Rob Nugen 614-823-6510, ext. 1722
    • Never Alone (substance abuse recovery; a ministry of XCF)
      This ministry is to help substance abusers discover and experience the hope for change that God offers. Our mission is to help people gain a biblical footing for recovery through Bible study, prayer, sharing experiences, and building relationships with people who can help through the change. We also want to help people find long term success through spiritual growth and loving others. For information, please call (614) 823-6510 x 1723
    • Alcoholics Anonymous
    • Al-Anon 
      Support for partners & families of the addicted