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Coronavirus Policy


Now many months into the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all too familiar with what the virus is and the importance of protecting ourselves and others from this spreading sickness.

Dwell is working hard to comply with the Ohio Department of Heath and in some cases even going beyond their suggestions. We will apply this knowledge to having safe in-person Bible study and fellowship, wherever possible. One way we will determine this is to tie guidelines for Dwell Jr. High, High School, College and Adult Ministry meetings to the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. It has been designed to assess the virus’s impact on each county, assigning levels 1-4, as defined in the chart below.


  • Active exposure and spread
  • Follow all current health orders


  • Increased exposure and spread
  • Exercise high degree of caution
  • Follow all current health orders


  • Very high exposure and spread
  • Limit activities as much as possible
  • Follow all current health orders


  • Severe exposure and spread
  • Only leave home for supplies and services
  • Follow all current health orders

Up-to-date information on the levels and where each county falls, can be found at

Meetings should correspond with the Ohio Department of Health guidelines as follows:

Covid Guidelines Table

Home Church leaders will be made aware of Franklin County’s current level and asked to follow these guidelines to ensure that they maintain safe boundaries for their group.  Not all groups or leaders will want to go as far as these recommendations, but are asked to not exceed them.

Of course, we ask that people who don't feel well, are immune-compromised, or are not yet comfortable with attending, to please stay home.

Adult/College/High School/Jr. High Ministries:

We recommend that all home churches go to Zoom only. However, as long as restaurants remain open, you may decide to continue to meet in person (Matthew 4:4). If you do this, please exercise extreme caution and consider meeting in small groups with masks, outdoors or in garages with doors open. These are the safest options. Please also be sure to provide a Zoom option for those who don't want to attend in person. It is important that no one feel pressure or obligation to attend any meetings in person. Please also observe the 10 p.m. curfew.

Anyone under the age of 18 must provide written consent from their parent to attend any in person small groups.


The Pacesetters daytime Bible study will continue to have drive-in meetings.

Calumet/Harambee/Akili Schools:

Akili Christian High School is conducting in-person school.

Calumet Christian School and Calumet Christian Preschool, North Campus are also open for in-person classes.

Harambee Christian School is currently doing remote learning.

Ministry Teams/Special Events/Classes:

These will be dealt with on a case by case basis, updated information will be posted here.

For further information, please consider these sites:

  • Center for Disease Control
    This is a federal agency that gives information about the situation in the United States. They coordinate with the Ohio Department of Health to make decisions about our local situation. This offers information for travelers within the United States and beyond.