College Staff

Dennis McCallum

Dennis is a lecturer, an author of several books, a teacher of leadership classes, one of Xenos’ founders and elders, a leader who oversees a sphere of college and high school home churches, and a teacher at the Campus Bible Study near Ohio State. As college home group leaders, he and his wife, Holly, have raised up leaders and planted several college home churches. Dennis holds a B.A. in history from Ohio State and an M.A. from Ashland Theological Seminary. They have three grown children and several grandchildren.

Scott Risley

Scott has been part of the college ministry since 1996. He married his wife Chris in 2003 and they have two children. Before coming on staff as a sphere leader with the college group Scott studied computer science engineering at OSU and worked for several years in software consulting. He also earned an MA from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Scott currently serves as an elder, oversees a sphere of of college and high school home groups, teaches one of the college CT's and also teaches a number of different classes at Xenos.

Conrad Hilario

Conrad leads one of the most dynamic spheres in our campus ministry. He has successfully planted a number of home churches and he has raised up numerous other home church leaders. Conrad also completed his MA from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He serves as a Xenos elder while teaching one of our Central Teachings each week. Conrad and his wife Hilary have two children.

James Rochford

Since 2012 James has served as a Senior Sphere Leader in the Xenos college ministry. He teaches classes in theology and apologetics as well as weekly central teachings. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Masters in Theological Studies. He is also the author of Evidence Unseen and Endless Hope or Hopeless End. James also serves as a Xenos elder. He and his wife Duyen enjoy parenting their two boys.

Chris Hearty

Chris is a new sphere leader in the College Ministry. He teaches Central Teachings as well as classes at Xenos. He is also currently in a Master's Program, from which he will soon graduate. Chris is now a candidate for elder. He and his wife Lauren lead a college home church and have planted others. They have two young children.


Bret McCallum

Bret went to Westerville South high school, graduated from the Ohio State University. He has been married to Gloria McCallum since 2006 and has two sons. He has been a leader for a high school home church since July 2004 and has been a home church leader in the Xenos college ministry since 2005. Bret also serves as a Xenos elder.


Joe Botti

Joe manages and administers the largest staffing group of the church. The ministries in his division include our children's program (Oasis), and Junior High, Renegade, High School and College ministries. He also helps oversee Calumet Christian School and the cafés. Still, he's not just in the office. In addition to coaching leaders of student home groups, Joe and his wife Cindy help lead in the college and high school ministries.

Brian Adams

Brian is an administrator of the college and high school ministry as well as the Director of Epic, Xenos' high school summer camp. He is originally from San Antonio, TX and grew up in Columbus. He joined Xenos staff full-time in 2013, and, with his wife Katie, leads a high school home church and college home church. He graduated from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in Social Work in 2014.


Kathryn Pease

Kathryn is the Event Coordinator for the High School and College ministries. She grew up in Columbus and graduated from Hilliard Davidson High School in 2017. After graduating, she became a home church leader in the high school ministry. She is currently studying Communications at Capital University.