Leadership Principles from the Pastoral Epistles

The Apostle Paul wrote the Pastoral Epistles specifically to help leaders become transformational leaders – leaders (and workers) who are continually growing in God’s grace and leading others to do the same.  If that is your desire, God can use this class to strengthen you and others through you.

Prerequisites:  Students must have completed the Christian Ministry series.

Course Length
9 weeks

Class Materials

Week 1 - Transformational Leadership

Week 2 - Be Strengthened by Grace

Week 3 - Develop Workers

Week 4 - Embrace Hardship

Week 5 - Handle the Word Accurately

Week 6 - Pursue Godly Character

Week 7 - Deal Properly with Opponents

Week 8 - Do not Neglect Spiritual Gifts

Week 9 - Do the Work of an Evangelist