Teaching Through Group Discussion

At Xenos, we like the idea of guided discussion in our home groups and cell groups. Guided discussion usually involves short sections of lecture to set up a topic or passage with discussion in between. We find that leaders who may not be highly gifted public speakers can still successfully lead group discussion by releasing the gifting of the whole group.

This five week class is based on a textbook by Joseph Lowman, Mastering the Techniques of Teaching, Second Edition (San Francisco, Josey-Bass Inc., Publishers, 1995). In addition to lecture, the class involves small group worshops each week. Some are based on homework, others are extemporanious. The instructor has 4-5 assistants who each lead one of the work groups during exercises.

Course Length
5 weeks

Class Materials


Week 1 - Theory, Definition, and Assessment

Week 2 - Preparing Guided Discussion

Week 3 - Conducting Guided Discussion

Week 4 - Conducting Guided Discussion

Week 5 - Responding, Correcting, and Discerning