Current Dwell Classes


Men in Marriage

a 5-week Class with Lee Campbell
Men want to be successful husbands but often find themselves unmotivated or confused about how to do well with this very important relationship. There are a few principles that if understood and practiced can help a great deal. This class is designed for married men; however, single men are free to join us.

Wednesday nights, 7-9 pm
February 17 - March 17

$45/standard or $15/reduced


Women in Marriage

a 5-week class with MaryBeth Gladwell
Can marriage work in the 21st century? What would a good marriage look like? Could the Bible, written thousands of years ago, possibly have anything relevant to say about this issue? This five week course will consider what we can do as women to improve our marriages. We will explore such topics as sex, forgiveness, how to create an environment of acceptance and many more. This class is designed for women who are currently married.

Wednesday nights, 7 -9 pm
February 17 - March 17

$45/standard or $15/reduced


Training for Godliness: Building and Keeping Good Habits in Crisis

a 3-week class with Chris Risley
2020 was a turbulent year, and although it's now over, the same issues continue into the new year. How can we cultivate godliness while in the midst of difficulty? This course will explore the biblical case for habits, as well as recent scientific research on formation of habits, the need for grace, and offer some practical ideas to consider.

Wednesdays, 7 – 9 p.m.
February 17 - March 3

$25/standard or $9/reduced


Coaching Others in Ministry

a 3-week class with Josh Benadum
Coaching is the final step in disciple-making. You've built a friendship, you've imparted a love for Jesus and commitment to spiritual growth. Now it's time to help them repeat the process with someone else. 2 Timothy 2:2 says " and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men and women, who will be able to teach others also." This class is about how to help your disciples in teaching others. 

This class is reserved for those currently doing discipleship work

Wednesday nights, 7 - 9pm
February 17 - March 3

$25/standard or $9/reduced


Teaching the Stories in Scripture

a 5-week class with Scott Risley
In a culture dominated by movies and books, why do so many Christians fail to appreciate the scores of stories in Scripture? God revealed his word to an oral culture and filled it with powerful, memorable accounts of his faithfulness in the face of fallen humanity. Yet many Christians shy away from teaching the narrative portions of Scripture, and when they do teach them, seem determined to make them as boring as possible. We will explore principles of stories and storytelling, including how to interpret biblical narratives, common mistakes that ruin stories, how to incorporate discussion questions and how to effectively apply the material to the lives of the hearers.

As part of this class, students will prepare 2 short teachings. For the final three weeks of class, students will divide into small groups with 3 or 4 classmates and an experienced teacher to give teachings to each other and receive feedback. Students will also watch the zoom recording of their own teachings and fill out a feedback sheet for themselves. The class is open to anyone who teaches the Bible in any setting.

Wednesday nights, 7 - 9pm
February 17 - March 17

$45/standard or $15/reduced


Canonicity: Which Books Belong in the Bible?

a 5-week class with James Rochford

Have you ever wondered how we know which books belong in the Bible? For instance, are you prepared to answer these questions?

  • Why are the Apocrypha in some Bibles, but not in others? Are the Apocrypha Scripture or not? Why did Augustine and other church fathers accept the Apocrypha?
  • Why does the Septuagint include the Apocrypha?
  • Why did it take until AD 367 before we had a list of the New Testament books? Doesn’t this mean that Christians didn’t know the canon for three centuries?
  • What are the Gnostic Gospels? Why don’t we include these in our Bibles today?
  • What role did the Roman Emperor Constantine play in the formation of the canon?
  • Did later church councils make political power plays to accept some books, and reject others?

In other words, when was the canon established, who made these decisions, and on what basis? Take a deep look at these questions with instructor James Rochford in his forthcoming 5-week class on the subject of biblical canonicity.

Wednesday nights, 7 - 9pm
February 17 - March 17

$45/standard or $15/reduced


Leading Great Cell Groups

a 3-week class with Jess Lowery and Ben Foust
What makes an awesome cell group? This 3 week class is for anyone who leads, helps lead,
or aspires to lead a cell group of any age (Jr. high – adults). We will cover proven best
practices, offer lots of fresh and practical ideas, as well as explore how skillful leaders can
capitalize on the unique freedom and flexibility cell group affords. We will delve into the
purpose of cell groups and how to make this meeting into one that people hate to miss.  

Wednesday nights, 7 - 9pm
February 24 - March 10

$25/standard or $9/reduced