Core Courses

If you are interested in progressing through the core course track, make sure you understand the order in which they may be taken.

Introduction to the Bible - This course gives students a broad overview the Bible and the tools they need to read, understand, and obey the word of God. (5 two-hour sessions)

Christian Growth - Christian Growth is an in-depth study of how Christians mature spiritually in the context of Christian community. Textbooks are Dennis McCallum’s book Walking in Victory. (10 two-hour, 15-minute sessions)

Crecimiento Cristiano - Crecimiento Cristiano es un estudio detallado y profundo sobre como el creyente madura espiritualmente en el contexto de la comunidad cristiana. Es una clase de 9 semanas que abarca varios temas cada semana.

Christian Ministry 1 - This course covers theology proper, soteriology, satanology and eschatology. (10 three-hour sessions)

Christian Ministry 2 - Learn how the books of the Bible were chosen and why we believe they are inspired. Students will also learn principles of biblical interpretation and how they apply to different types of biblical literature: narrative, poetry, wisdom, and epistles. (9 three-hour sessions)

Christian Ministry 3 - Students will explore how the biblical mandate to love is worked out in a variety of practical areas in the Christian life: loving people around the world, loving the poor, loving people inside and outside the church, expressing love through financial generosity and prioritizing love in our decision making. (9 three-hour sessions)

Before proceeding to take Christian Leadership, you must first pass the Christian Growth and Christian Ministry Comprehensive Exam, for which there is a study guide available.

Christian Leadership 1 - A class for home group leaders that covers ecclesiology and Xenos' philosophy of ministry, along with practical theology areas like evangelism, discipleship, church discipline and the exercise and limitations of church authority. 

Christian Leadership 3 - This course teaches leadership skills including motivating others in grace, cooperation with the other leaders in the church, and ministry planning. Students keep all work in a notebook which is turned in and graded at the end of the course. (10 three-hour sessions)

Leadership Training Class (Campus) - A 6 part course series for students in the college ministry that covers the content in Christian Growth, Christian Ministry 1-3, and Christian Leadership 1-3. This class is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending this class, contact your home church leader to be entered into the class.