Mentoring for Careers

This is a Christian, web-based, career counseling program for disciplers and mentors to use in helping persons of any age develop clarity about career direction.  It is written for disciplers or mentors to guide them as they become ‘career counselors,’ and it is intended for use in one-to-one discipling, or with cell groups.

It is a step-by-step process, most useful when the mentor and learner limit themselves to the step at hand before proceeding to the next step.  The step the learner is on can be reduced to a brief period of time within a discipling session or can become a small part of a cell group meeting.  The key is persistence.  Just keep returning to the process, staying with the step at hand, and asking for help when stuck.

Assume that this process may take several months.  It is ironic that people are willing to invest years in their education, but don’t invest thoughtful time in choosing their career!

There is a temptation to skip over the introductory materials and to just go to the exercises.  Dennis McCallum and Scott Risley have written an important position paper about careers, and it is the proper introduction to the process for the disciple and learner to study together. 

Before beginning, study these two documents: