A Response to Recent Articles

We are always saddened to hear about the negative experiences people have had with our church.  We recognize that no organization is perfect, and in a church as large as Xenos, not every situation will be handled correctly. We do strive to help people who are hurting, to hear them, and to figure out ways we can come alongside people who are upset with their experience in our community.

As far as controlling behavior goes, I have to deny that claim categorically. I think you should look for example at the people who are currently in Xenos that you interviewed. If we are a mind-controlling cult, which tells people what to think, then why do both the members you interview essentially say that they “hate the name Xenos” AND that they “hate that we are changing our name.” I think this demonstrates the fact that people are free to dissent and disagree even in a very public forum without fear of reprisal. 

It is true that Xenos is not a typical church. Despite our flaws, we are sincere in wanting to make a real difference in people's lives. We are not a social club; we are an active bunch of convinced believers in the teaching of Jesus Christ. Our members care deeply about people who are suffering; they are engaged and earnest in making a difference. It may be that our earnestness to do something is not everyone’s cup of tea. We always hope and pray that the people who leave Xenos will land somewhere good, where they can continue in the faith, and find a better fit for them. There are a lot of good churches out there; we think Xenos is one of them and encourage anyone curious to find out for themselves.

Ryan Lowery
Senior Pastor
Xenos Christian Fellowship