Xenos is organized by divisions. Our five divisions each have their own coordinator on staff, and usually several staff department heads. The coordinators meet with the lead elders to form the management team. They are in turn responsible, through the lead elders, to the board of elders.

Adult Ministries

Xenos is a national leader in forming and operating home groups. We provide scores of home groups under several different models. This division oversees both home groups and our Central Teachings (CT). Sphere leaders are responsible for each sphere of home groups organized by the CT they attend, providing better support and a sense of community at CTs.


At Xenos, we are convinced that equipping lay people for ministry is the key to healthy growth. Xenos offers extensive classesteachingsconferences and the Study Center to help teach Christians about their faith and their ministry.

Student Ministries

Energetic and effective, the Xenos student ministries group reaches out to children (Oasis), junior highhigh school and college students. We also oversee the Xenos Christian Schools.


The missions division aims to support cross-cultural, indigenous church planting movements. We work primarily among the poor to help plant churches that are accessible and self-replicating, resulting in changed lives and transformed communities. We also work to serve those in our local community around Columbus

Pastoral Support

Every day at Xenos we pray we will never lose our excitement for sharing Christ's love with people who don't know him. This division oversees adult outreach ministry teams, the Servant Team, and the Communications Department, which operates the website. We also offer various pastoral counseling services to assist people.

Operations & Administration

A lot of planning, networking and ministry support go on behind-the-scenes in a church like Xenos. This includes Elder Administration functions, Facilities (with building projects), Information Technology and Data Services, Sound & Light, Accounting & Finance (with fund-raising), Office Services and Master Scheduling and Human Resource Management. Take advantage of our Staff Manual or information about our innovative fiscal support team.