Joe Botti

Hi! I'm Joe Botti. Thanks for visiting my page. Any feedback or input? I would be happy to answer questions or respond to comments. Let's talk!

I have the privilege of administrating the Student Ministries Division in Xenos. I have a wonderful wife, Cindy, and three fantastic kids, Michelle, Jenny and Daniel. We're all involved in God's work through this Christian community.

Growing up in a traditional church, I always wanted to know God and get in His good graces but I was under the impression you had to work your way through good deeds and devotion. Yet, I always wondered if I measured up. Fortunately, through the persistent invitations of a friend during my college years, I began attending his home Bible study group and liked it! When I was a kid in church, I learned all the stories about Christ and was attracted to him, but I knew little else of the Bible. I didn't understand the central message of the Bible: that Jesus Christ died for us so we could receive forgiveness and the free gift of eternal life.

When I finally understood this, it changed my life completely. To think that I no longer had to work my way into God's love & security! I invited Jesus into my life and asked him to pay for my sins through his work on the cross. How great it was to know that Jesus died for me, personally, and that God accepted me unconditionally through Christ. Nothing has been the same since. No longer do I wonder if I'm good enough or devoted enough. I know I'm not! But that's OK because I know I'm forgiven unconditionally through Christ. Knowing I'm forgiven and secure in God's unconditional love and forgiveness actually motivates me towards devotion to Him and my fellow man.

I oversee qualified leaders and directors of our children's program (Oasis), our schools (Xenos Christian Schools), and our Junior High program. I also oversee the administration of our High School and College ministries. Still, I'm not just in the office. In addition to coaching leaders of student home groups my wife and I also help lead in a college home church.

I find it very motivating that God wants to use me in the lives of others, especially the youth! It has been a great experience and I look forward to many more years in this work. My hope, vision and prayer is that God will produce hundreds of devoted Christians who've had their lives transformed by Jesus Christ and through the same truths that have impacted me and millions of others throughout history.