Gary DeLashmutt

Hi! I'm Gary DeLashmutt. Xenos has two lead pastors--kind of strange for a church--and I'm one of them. Dennis McCallum(my colleague) and I have been friends since high school. I came to Christ in 1970, shortly after Dennis became a Christian, and we've been partners in Christian ministry ever since! We started out as undergraduate students with a desire to communicate Christianity to other students in a way that was intellectually credible, culturally relevant, and relationally satisfying. Nothing is more exciting and satisfying to me than introducing others to this way of life.

My Duties

Besides serving as an elder and member of the management team, I am the senior sphere leader of the second Sunday morning Central Teaching and one of the regular teachers at our Central Teachings. I also help lead the College and Career ministry team, a Bible study near the Ohio State campus that reaches out to singles ages 18 to 28. I also helped to design the Christian Principles Course and teach it year-round to about 30 students.

My Books

I also am an author. Loving God's Way, published by Kregel in early 1996, explores Christian community by studying the "one another" imperatives in the New Testament. Spiritual Relationships That Last,  published by Xenos Publishing in 2001, (formerly called Myth of Romance, published by Bethany House in early 1996), explains how to prepare for and build a Christ-centered marriage. Originally, it was published locally as Marriage Choices and Spiritual Growth. I also collaborated with Roger Braund to contribute a chapter on The Death of Truth, published by Bethany House in (you guessed it) early 1996. This book explores the ways in which postmodernism is affecting many disciplines in American society. Our chapter deals with education.

I am married, and my wife and I have two wonderful daughters. I enjoy traveling, reading, watching sports and running.

Drop me a line if you have questions or comments about the materials I've written!