Why are there two lead pastors instead of one?

Xenos has two lead pastors, or elders, Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt. We consider this distinctive to be an unimportant and peripheral feature, by no means mandated in Scripture. In fact, both Dennis and Gary have stated they would not recommend this arrangement for most churches.

The arrangement at Xenos is based on the unique history of these two men who have worked as partners for 30 years, after knowing each other since kindergarten! They were not only partners in ministry, but also co-owned a business for years before they joined Xenos staff. Their partnership has been mutually beneficial, as they believe their personalities are complementary.

But they believe it would be both difficult and pointless to try to duplicate such a partnership in most cases, and if one of them were to die or leave, almost certainly no effort would be made to replace the lost partner in a coequal role. Usually coequal partnerships become a deadlock and a liability, but in our case it seems to work out well. Today, the two men (like most staffers at Xenos, where office sharing is encouraged) work every day in the same corner office space. They meet regularly each week, sharing and prayering together as they have for over 30 years.