What does the name "Xenos" mean?

People are always asking about the name Xenos Christian Fellowship. It's an unusual name that needs further explanation to understand. 

Xenos is the Greek word for 'alien' or 'sojourner', and the Bible says Christians are sojourners in this life; our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20). Also, the word means 'host' and 'hospitable', which we feel we are to non-Christian guests.

How we ended up with the name Xenos goes back to the time of our incorporation as a church in 1982.

By 1982, we had existed for 12 years as the “Fish House Fellowship.” This name had never been chosen by us, but was rather a description of “the fellowship meeting at the Fish House.” "Fish house" was the name of the original house on The Ohio State University campus we used as a central meeting place, and where we published a small Christian newspaper called "The Fish" (after the early Christian symbol). By the 1980s, the use of that house and newspaper had long since ceased, so calling our church by that name didn't make sense.

The elders met at the time of our incorporation, and puzzled over what a better name would be. Some suggested a more conventional name, like some kind of community church. But the majority didn’t want to be identified with ideas about conventional churches because our field of ministry was largely "un-churched" in attitude. We decided a name that raised questions, but didn’t fit any known category,  would be better. At the time we were publishing a magazine called Xenos, so we decided to call it Xenos Christian Fellowship.

We considered changing our name when we moved into our new facility in 1997, but decided against it. We were already known widely as Xenos, and decided to keep our unusual name and accept that it doesn't fit traditional church names.