Dave Glover

Hi, I'm Dave Glover. Thanks for visiting my page.

I have the privilege of serving as the coordinator for the Missions Division. I have a fantastic wife Tracy and two great children Lindsey and Tyler. Tracy and I have led a college home church since 2010. Our daughter Lindsey, her husband Tim and our son Tyler also play leadership roles in the college and high school ministry. I am incredibly grateful to be in ministry with my family (3 John 4). God has truly been gracious to me.

The missions division includes providing oversight for our missionaries, global partners, Urban Concern, domestic church planting, Nepali refugee ministry, and humanitarian aid fund. I have served in a variety of roles at Xenos including principal and superintendent of Xenos Christians Schools.

Prior to coming on staff with Xenos Christian Fellowship, I worked as a systems engineer for 11 years. As you can imagine, this was quite a career change for my family and me. We are extremely grateful and consider it a privilege to be in full-time Christian work. However, it was not always this way.

After college, I pursued my career while putting my relationship with Christ and wife on the back burner. This led me to a life of frustration and lack of fulfillment. It was particularly bad because, I was a Christian and I knew I was living a compromised life.

In 1984, I came to Xenos where we got involved in a home Bible study. Through the Holy Spirit's conviction and the involvement of close friends in the Body of Christ, I gave my whole life to Christ. I decided to put Christ first in my life and live according to His plan and priorities. The best decision I have ever made!