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How You Can Support XSI Anytime, Anywhere

The organizers of the Xenos Summer Institute are hoping you’ll consider being a part of one of its greatest volunteer pools—a role you can fulfill from your home or office. It’s looking for folks to be part of its prayer team.

Prayer is the most valuable role I see when it comes to hosting XSI. This is God's event, used for His purposes,” says XSI Director Kim Van Keuls. “Praying for this conference, the speakers, the guests, the staff, and for God's timely Word to be spoken is the fuel that drives the engine.”

Each week team members get an email with items to pray for, as well items to thank God for. Team leader Catherine Gilbert says as time goes by, the team starts to regularly see items it previously prayed for become answered prayers.

Catherine says her role in the team grew out her helping to get XSI prayer requests out more regularly. “The more I helped with that, the more concerned I was about how the XSI staff were doing in the midst of all the work it takes to make XSI happen.”

The prayer team’s work extends from that need to beyond—guests, speakers, and all the behind-the-scenes work. “Prayer makes all the logistics happen so Xenos members and guests benefit from an organized conference,” Catherine says. “XSI would not run as smoothly as it does today if it weren't for the lots of prayers from the prayer team.”

You can join the team through this link. You must be a Xenos Home Group member to join. Catherine says your efforts will not only help the conference, but will also benefit you personally. “You’ll see what God accomplishes through your commitment to pray for XSI, and through that, build your desire to pray for even bigger things in your life.

This year's Summer Institute runs from July 10-12, and the theme is Christ over All. You can register online now and volunteer recruitment starts in April. Visit for more information.

Inaugural Missions Night a Big Success

The Xenos Missions Division recently offered the first of what will be a regular event--Missions Night. Canco Casassa with the Missions Division shares about this well-received evening:

Last week Xenos members got together for our first Missions Night to celebrate what God is doing in missions at Xenos. Although members of our church have been faithfully praying for years in diverse settings for our many fields, this is the first time in a long time that we've hosted a Missions Night in this design. The theme of the night was our Global Partners in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

160 people got together to hear presentations on why we should pray for missions, Josh Benadum on Mercy Medical Center, Kristen Peltier on Fountain of Hope and Joe Schweitzer on Friendship Ministries. Attendees also spent time praying in small groups for our ministries in Cambodia and all our other fields. Although the meeting itself lasted only one hour, people stayed for a long time, hanging out and enjoying snacks. Attendees also could take home a booklet with prayer updates to pray individually and to bring to their home groups' prayer group.

The main purpose of the meeting is to cover our partners in prayer and lift up what God is doing through missions at Xenos. An additional goal of the meeting is to establish a regular platform where everyone in Xenos can come celebrate what is happening in missions. By spreading information and promoting prayer we hope to create a motivated, unified, and informed community of mission supporters. It was a great privilege to have current and veteran missionaries, mission advocates, donors, and Xenos members all together praying and hanging out. Attendees also commented on the joy they felt when they saw a wide range of people from every demographic and age group praying with one other.

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Register Now for XSI

Registration is now open for this year's Xenos Summer Institute, July 10-12. This year's theme is "Christ Over All," with most teachings centering around the topic of what it looks like to give Christ our all and to reject the world system.

Registration is quick and easy--go to and you can take care of it. By registering early you'll skip the line on the day of the conference. You'll also have the earliest access to sign up for breakout sessions.

This year's conference will bring in Saturation Church Planting International founder Dwight Smith and Houston Baptist University apologetics professor Nancy Pearcey.

The cost to attend the Summer Institute is far less than you would pay for the same speakers at other conferences. XSI is only $20 for Xenos members and $5 if you're a student--comparable seminars cost a couple hundred dollars! Folks from outside Xenos can register for only $60 ($20 for students). Christians of all levels of experience and ministry will find theological teachings to stretch their minds and practical information to fuel their ministry.