Breakout Sessions

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Agents of Grace in Marriage: Applying God’s Truth at Home
Mary Beth Gladwell: Xenos Home Group Leader

The marriage relationship is one of the most often overlooked spheres of spiritual influence.  What does it look like to be an agent of God’s grace in your spouse’s life and to help further their growth in Christ?  Forbearance is imperative, is heavily emphasized in the New Testament, is integral to acceptance, and yet hard to practice in our homes.  How do we “speak the truth in love” in our marriages, both to challenge and to encourage one another to greater faith in Christ? In this session we will discuss these important truths and what it looks like to apply them in our marriages.

Avoiding Pitfalls that Reduce Scripture's Authority
D.A. Carson: Research Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

While it's common for non-believers to dismiss the authority of Scripture, sometimes believers develop subtle strategies that sidestep that authority also. This breakout session explores some of those traps in the hope of learning to avoid them and affirm Scripture's truthfulness and authority in your life.

Beyond Addiction Recovery: Growing into Being a Disciple of Christ
Pat Lessard: Associate Pastor – Real Life Ministries, Couer d’Alene, Idaho

Recovery ministries have a vital place in the church for serving the least, the last, and the lost in a way other organizations simply cannot.   As people find healing, hope, and freedom they often don't want to leave recovery.  In this session we will discuss how to help people move forward as growing disciples of Jesus and become active members in the Body of Christ.

Bonhoeffer: Community Under the Word
Dennis McCallum: Lead Xenos Pastor

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Christian hero executed during World War II on direct order of Heinrich Himmler. Years before, he lived in a house with about twenty other Christian men, training pastors who were infiltrating Nazi Germany. Based on that experience, he wrote his book, Life Together, an influential text in Xenos. In this session we will consider some of Bonhoeffer's stirring propositions about living together under the Word.

Building a Family Around the Word
Chris Risley: Xenos Home Group Leader

Deuteronomy 6 tells us that part of loving God is structuring our family around his priorities. A godly family is one of God's greatest gifts to us and one of his most potent weapons in a dark and confused world. We need to be good stewards of this gift! This session will explore various topics such as: how to build a relationship with your children, discipline, and spiritual priorities. The information shared is geared towards families with school-aged and younger children, as well as anyone considering starting a family.

Creative Leadership
James Rochford: Xenos Pastor

What is creativity and how does it relate to Christian leadership and ministry? Can it be learned? This sessson will explore how to become more creative as leaders, teachers, and counselors.

Enlarging your Heart through God's Word
Bev DeLashmutt: Xenos Biblical Counselor

Many Christians start out the Christian life full of joy, energy, and love.  Over time we may experience circumstances that can cause us to lose our spiritual vitality.  Through God's Word, he can grow our hearts so our joy, energy, and love increase.  Bev will share how God continues to enlarge her heart through many trials and disappointments.

Evangelism: Heart Issues & Practices
Phil Franck: Xenos Support Services Director

Come hear the creative ways individuals and groups at Xenos reach people for Christ. These tools are not magical solutions, but practices rooted in key biblical attitudes. Topics include courage, love, prayer and practical suggestions.

Facilitating Small Group Inductive Bible Study and Bible Memorization
Gary DeLashmutt: Lead Xenos Pastor

Inductive Bible study is awesome for many Word-gifted Christians, but can be overwhelming for many others.  Likewise, some are far more apt at memorization than others.  This session presents a practical way to help "normal" Christians pursue a simplified inductive Bible study and  facilitate ongoing Bible memorization in a small group setting.

Fighting for Delight in God's Word
John Cleary: Xenos Class Instructor

David hungered “day & night” for the Word of God – it was his delight! Peter calls us to “long for it." Is that happening in your life? Is it even realistic to think you could experience this in light of all the pressures, interruptions and demands of living in a broken world today? Let’s discuss what it might take to delight in God’s gift of his Word.

A Fresh Way of Appropriating the Bible's Truths
Ryan Weingartner: Xenos Schools, Jr. High Bible Instructor

It is well known that spiritual growth comes through acting on truths of the Bible. However, have you ever considered which types of truths apply best for different situations? Should we differentiate these truths? This workshop will teach you how to identify types of God's promises and get the most out of them, whether in prayer, counsel, or personal application.

God's Calling
Joke van Opstal: Advisor, Fountain of Hope in Cambodia

God is so faithful through his Word! He is calling people into his kingdom and calling people in his kingdom to love and act. Joke will be sharing how she felt called by God and how God is calling people to himself through the Fountain of Hope ministry in Cambodia.

God's Living Word: Is the New Testament True?
Fouad Masri: President, Crescent Project

This session answers the most common questions Muslims have regarding the Bible. Learn how
history proves the Bible’s accuracy and how you can answer the most common questions asked
regarding its reliability.

God's Living Word: Mightier than a Double Edge Sword
Fouad Masri: President, Crescent Project

This session reveals the power of God’s Word in bridging the Gospel to Muslims. Hear
testimonies of how the bible is effective in driving people to faith in Christ.

Good Friends are Hard to Find
Patrice McCormac: Xenos Class Instructor

Our Western culture, which prizes individualism, undermines and influences our view of a Christ-centered friendship.  Because people are made in God’s image, there is a desire and longing for intimate friendships. Yet, these friendships are hard to find and people are becoming more isolated.  Where have we gone wrong?  In this workshop we will think through what the Bible has to tell us about friendships and what should characterize our role in friendships.

The Greatest Stories Ever Told
Scott Risley: Xenos Pastor

In a culture dominated by movies and books, why do so many Christians fail to appreciate the scores of stories in Scripture? God revealed his Word to an oral culture and filled it with powerful, memorable accounts of his faithfulness in the face of fallen humanity.  Yet many Christians shy away from teaching narrative portions of Scripture, and if they are taught they're presented in a way that all amazement is exchanged for a ho-hum story time. We will explore principles of stories and storytelling, including common mistakes that ruin stories, how to incorporate discussion questions, and how to effectively apply the material to the lives of the hearers.

Helping Disciples Develop Time with God
Sara Bott: Xenos Home Group Leader

Discipleship starts with building a foundation on God's Word and prayer. Trying to motivate disciples to develop personal time reading God’s Word and praying can sometimes feel like we are spinning our wheels. How can we ignite an interest?  We will discuss some practical, creative ideas to help you encourage others to have a firm foundation in their time with God.

How to Ask Good Questions
John Ross: Xenos Home Group Leader

Dialog is the lifeblood of ministry. Yet, so often we stall out -- talking too much, listening too little, and treading water at the surface of conversation. This session will cover the art and craft of asking questions to encourage, challenge, and draw out non-believers, disciples, and friends.

Importance of a Positive Outlook in Ministry
Conrad Hilario: Xenos Pastor

God calls his people into the joyful, yet hard work of ministry and serving others.  For many of us, it’s easy to develop a less than joyful attitude and have a negative focus.  In this session, Conrad will teach on the importance of maintaining a positive outlook in ministry.

An Invitation to Covet
Dave Schutter: Pastor, Northwest Presbyterian Church in Dublin, Ohio

In Psalm 19 God calls us to positively covet (to cultivate an inordinate desire for) his Word.  More than revering or assigning a special place in our memories for God’s Word, he invites us to know, delight in, hold fast to, be changed by and rest our hope upon what he says in it. God uses his Word to free us from fearful responses to both the grand and intimate challenges of life so that we can be worshipers who are truthful, gracious, humble, courageous, and who delight in him.

Is Jesus the Only Way?
Eric Chabot: CJF Ministries Midwest Representative and Director and Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance at The Ohio State Universtiy

Pluralism is the belief that every religion is true. Each provides a genuine encounter with the Ultimate, and while some may be better than others, all are adequate. How can Biblical Christians make an exclusive truth claim that Jesus is the only way of salvation for mankind?

Leading Corporate Prayer
Joey Francisco: Xenos Home Group Leader

A weekly prayer meeting can be more than just praying in the same room with other believers. It’s a unique opportunity to mobilize our church and get behind God’s direction. In this breakout session, we’ll discuss ways to lead a bold charge through corporate prayer.

Legacy of Sand
Pat Reeder: Xenos Equipping Director

Jesus says, "Everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand" (Matthew 7:26).  Pat will articulate several areas where American morals have (broadly) slid in the past 100 years, the destructive consequences that have followed, and how these shifts closely parallel the devaluation of biblical authority.

Lifelong Discipleship: Three Dimensions of Discipleship
Mike Woods: Xenos Home Group Leader

Discipleship is not something that happens at one point in our lives, but continues in every stage of life. This session will look at how discipleship is important and valuable no matter our context, how the focus of discipleship changes over time, and the 3 dimensions of discipleship throughout our lives.

Living with Pain: How God's Word can Change your Outlook
Amy Moreno: Counselor and Clinical Director at WellSpring

Living with chronic pain can be very challenging. Pain can come from a variety of sources such as, physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual. Depending on the severity of the pain it can potentially deepen or destroy our faith in God. This session will explore how God's Word can help us to manage our expectations, develop a deeper spiritual life, and experience joy in the midst of painful circumstances.

The Living Word and the Creation of the Universe (Video #1)
John Lennox: Christian apologist and Professor of Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at the University of Oxford

This session is devoted to considering the wonder of the creation from the biblical viewpoint - mainly of Genesis chapter 1. In particular, we think about the fact that it is a creation of the Word of God in all his living power. We can only make sense of creation if we see it as Word based, and science confirms this.

The Living Word and the Creation of Humankind (Video #2)
John Lennox: Christian apologist and Professor of Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at the University of Oxford

This session is devoted to understanding the biblical revelation of Genesis chapters 2 and 3 as to the nature of human life made in the image of God. Here we shall see that the highest dimension of human life, a relationship with God, involves the Word of God and our attitude towards it.

The Lost Virtue of Gratitude
James Rochford: Xenos Pastor

In an age of cynicism, skepticism, sarcasm, and broken expectations it's easy to feel plagued by an underlying heart attitude of negative thoughts, complaints, and emotions.  In this breakout session, James will discuss how we can we learn to be more thankful and move towards the virtue of gratitude.

A Loving Life: A Three-part Breakout Session
Jon Hori: seeJesus Director, West Coast & East Asia

A Loving Life: A 3-part breakout session based on, A Loving Life by Paul Miller, a book that explores hesed love through the book of Ruth.  Although this seminar is a three-part series, anyone can attend all or any one individual session

Part 1 - Learning to Love and Lament: “Suffering is the crucible for love.” If this is true, no wonder it’s so difficult! So, how do we persevere in love with hope? Learning the lost art of lament is a great place to start.

Part 2 - Dying to Love: “Death is at the center of love.” Sacrifice is the heart of love but continuous sacrifice is what makes love glow. Dying in love repeatedly is no fun. But, in Christ, death always leads to resurrection! Come and learn the “shape” of gospel love.

Part 3 - Love like a Goel: Love is messy. Relationships cannot be programmed or manipulated. So how do we proceed with wisdom and confidence when love gets complicated? Be a goel! “A what?” Come and find out!

Making the Bible Clear to Youth
Brad DuFault & Brian Runk: Xenos Youth Pastors

"All scripture is God-breathed, and useful for... training in righteousness."  This is true for students and adults. The challenge for youth leaders is how to make the truth clear without "dumbing it down" and how to achieve relevance without childish examples.  Xenos Jr. High staff will explore these tensions and illustrate how to teach complicated passages in ways that connect with students.

Ministering Because I Matter
Mateo Williamson: Xenos Home Group Leader

As servants of Christ, do we matter because we minister or minister because we matter? We answer this question by discussing our new identity in Christ, signs that we are trying to use ministry to matter, and practical steps on how to minister under our new identity.

The Power of Scripture in Sharing the Gospel
Lindsey Tobin: Xenos Home Group Leader

After we muster the boldness to share the Gospel with someone, we often rely on our own words. While personal testimony and showing evidence are very important, we must remember that God can — and does — speak for himself through his Word. In this session we will look at how the apostles, and Christ himself, used Scripture to lead people to God.

Salvation and Transformation: The Scriptures in the Lives of Leaders and Their People
Lee Davis: Pastor, NorthPointe Baptist Church in Lewis Center, Ohio

In an age with no shortage of voices competing for the attention and affections of the Church, we have a firm and sure source of truth - God’s holy Word.  It alone reveals to us the truth of salvation in Jesus and how we might grow as His followers.  For those who have the privilege and responsibility of discipling others, it is of critical importance that we remain committed to the Scriptures.  Likewise, we must teach the Bible with humble authority and tender patience for the glory of God and the joy of the people under our care.

Sharing your Faith with Parents
Liz Sweet: Xenos Home Group Leader
Nina Hoyt:  Xenos Member

Family relationships are some of the most important in our lives, however they can also be challenging. This breakout session will focus on God’s perspective on family, and ideas about practicing biblical love, initiating spiritual discussions, and working to identify and overcome barriers associated with reaching our parents with the love of Christ.

Shepherding vs. Soldiering: Why the Tension? 
Mike Woods: Xenos Home Group Leader

Home church leadership, as well as most ministries, will often bring us to a place where we are feeling tension between being mission minded versus giving supportive counsel.  Asking, “Which is the greater call?”  Because of personality or experience, most people will lean one way or the other.  In this session we will take a look at this tension, relevant biblical texts, and conclusions that we are called to both and how the two are not in opposition, but mutually support each other.

Spiritual Decline and Recovery
Brian Adams: Xenos Student Ministries Staff

"My soul cleaves to the dust; Revive me according to your word." (Psalm 119:25). All Christians go through periods of spiritual decline -- feeling like we've lost a step in our spiritual lives. In this breakout session, we will examine the key factors to spiritual decline, and how God's Word can bring us back to a place of spiritual vitality.

Teaching Kids to Love God's Word
Jeff Risley: Xenos Oasis Director

What could be more important than developing a love for God’s Word at a young age?  Experience shows that kids can get a bad taste in their mouths about God and his Word during the elementary school years.   By making Scripture accessible and attainable for students, we can set them up for a lifetime of success and connection with their loving Father God.  Come learn what this could look like for the kids in your life!

The Value of "Small" Studies
Cathy Treyens: Xenos Home Group Leader

Quantity is not always better than quality in studying the Bible. This breakout session explores the rationale, method, and benefits of examining and meditating on very small portions of Scripture including the Psalms, Proverbs, and Jesus' discourses.

The Ways of Knowing: How the Bible Speaks to the Whole Person
Jim Leffel: Xenos Pastor

This workshop explores the Bible's teaching on the nature of truth and how we come to know it.  Truth has 3 dimensions: propositional, practical, and personal.  Each aspect of truth brings God's revealed Word into the breadth of human experience and draws Christians to a deep and fulfilling connection with the Lord.

The Word and Leading Home Group Evangelism
Doug Patch: Xenos Pastor

Through His Word, God brings His conviction and power to bear in a believer’s life.  And through His Word He motivates us to desire to do His will.  Leaders must keep God’s Word front and center when restoring weak evangelism or sustaining faithful evangelism.

The Word on Women
Kate Mizelle: Xenos Home Group Leader

Throughout history, church tradition has had a lot to say about the role of women. But what does the Bible have to say about it? This workshop will seek to take an expository look at what God intended for women in the church.