Only 3 More Volunteer Will Attend XSI for FREE

Thank you to all the people who are volunteering at the Xenos Summer Institute! We are counting down and currently need 3 more volunteers to finish the job! Saturday morning help and Medical Response Team at 4th Street.  Please consider helping with some of these roles?   It's incredibly easy to sign up online!  This year if you volunteer you will be registered to attend the entire conference for FREE!

One of the privileges of being a Xenos home group member is being able to volunteer and see firsthand, behind the scenes, how God uses this event to motivate and refresh people in ministry. It gives you a new sense of awe for how God works to renew his people.

The Xenos Summer Institute is July 5-7 and this year’s theme is, God’s Living Word. The key speakers are D.A. Carson, Douglas Stuart, and John Lennox (via video).

There are hundreds of faithful volunteers who return each year to help out with XSI; to which the XSI staff is very grateful!  “We value all the people who volunteer! It’s such a blessing to have people return year after year to volunteer in the same roles because they have such experience for how things operate and great suggestions for how to improve,” said Kim Van Keuls, External Relations Director and XSI oversight. “I think volunteering gives you a vision for how God brings the Body of Christ together to serve in different aspects to accomplish this one event.”