Breakout Session Highlight: Teaching Kids to Love God's Word

Whether you are a caregiver, grandparent, parent, or relative, whatever your role is in a child's life, you can teach them to enjoy their heavenly father's words. Sign up for the Xenos Summer Institute (XSI) breakout session Teaching Kids to Love God’s Word by Jeff Risley to help guide the young kids in your life towards an affection for God's Word.

What could be more important than developing a love for God’s Word at a young age? Experience shows that kids can get a bad taste in their mouths about God and his Word during the elementary school years. By making Scripture accessible and attainable for students, we can set them up for a lifetime of success and connection with their loving Father God. Come learn what this could look like for the kids in your life!

The Xenos Summer Institute is July 5-7.  Conference and breakout session online registration closes on June 26th