Missionary Support

Prayer Support

Ongoing prayer support is a vital component of any missions endeavor. Without it, nothing of eternal value will be accomplished. Consider how you can participate in this important work. Options include regular monthly meetings, prayer newsletters and up-to-the-minute eGroup postings.

A listing of all monthly meetings, by field, as well as instructions on how to subscribe to a field's eGroup and/or newsletters may be found here.

Home Support

The goal of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in the world is accomplished only through the partnership of many people. Xenos Home Support Teams (HSTs) partner with Xenos mission teams to provide an important link between the mission field and the sending church. 

The HST partnership is designed to meet many needs of missionaries through prayer support, as noted above, and also through a host of other service activities such as assistance with send-off celebrations and home assignments, management of stateside residences, and maintenance of supporter databases and team websites. 

These "senders" play an integral role in missions by enabling missionaries on the field to be as focused and effective as possible. If you are interested in this ministry or burdened for a certain part of the world, the following individuals can provide more information:

Cambodia                       - Joe Schweitzer, schweitj99@yahoo.com

Eastern Europe              - Kathy Hoffer, hofferk@xenos.org

Ethiopia                          - Katie Gladwell, ktcarle@yahoo.com

Southeast Asia               - Carol Fox, foxconscious@gmail.com

Taiwan                            - Sherri Fojas, fojass@xenos.org

Financial Support

"Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account." Philippians 4:17

Our missionaries rely on the financial support of individuals and churches.  Your gifts allow our teams to share the love of Christ by meeting real physical needs and through ongoing discipleship. Below are the financial support needs for each family. More information about the types of financial support may be found here.

Location Family Name Monthly Need Support Contact
Cambodia Tim & Marjie $0 World Team
Cambodia Chris & Amy $0 World Team
Cambodia Bill & Amy $0 World Team
Cambodia Joke Van Opstal $0 Xenos
Ethiopia Lou and Genet $0 Xenos
SE Asia Jeff & Linda $0 Xenos
SE Asia Patrick & Melissa $900 Missions
SE Asia John & Ruth $0 Missions
USA Joe & Erin $200 Xenos
USA Danny & Cheryl $150 Xenos