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Postmodernism and You

Postmodernism may have originated in the province of academics and eggheads, but you will encounter it in your daily life, no matter who you are. Read about postmodern positions in their own words to learn how you will see postmodernism affecting you and your children in the following areas:

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In postmodern public education, teachers are no longer transmitters of information to children. Instead, teachers facilitate children as the children construct their own knowledge. Who are we to say that western science is better than the psychoenergetics (precognition, psychokinesis, remote viewing, etc.) of ancient Egypt?
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Health Care
So-called alternative medical techniques were considered pure superstition a short time ago. Not any more! Now, authors like Deepak Chopra and Dolores Krieger have brought Ayurvedic Medicine and Therapeutic Touch into mainstream hospitals and nursing schools with the help of postmodern rhetorical techniques.
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Have you heard people claiming that Physics proves the whole world is interconnected? Have you heard people claim that quantum physics shows that the universe is not rational? Why are top rated movies like Jurassic Park and Dances With Wolves always attacking science and western culture?
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pycholog.gif (2219 bytes) Psychotherapy
The existence of therapists suggests that they want to seek a better state of affairs for their patients. But who determines what constitutes a "better" state of affairs? Isn't this a values judgment made by one (the therapist) for another (the patient)? It's not clear what the basis for such a judgment is, when reality is that which is constructed in the mind of the patient.
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religio.gif (4090 bytes) Religion
The new tolerance in religion means never questioning the propositions of another religious point of view. But wait! There's one exception. It's okay to censure any religion arrogant enough to think it knows the truth. These are the fundamentalists. They have to be stopped before they gain the upper hand and begin persecuting other religions again. The marginalized religions, those of    non-western civilizations, must be given a voice.
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We don't look for what happened in history any more. That will never be known, and besides, everyone's reality was different then, as now. No wonder we have today, Women's history, Gay and Lesbian History, Black History and Native American History. It's no exaggeration to say that in postmodern cultural history, each marginalized group had their own experience, their own reality. The goal of history is to give voice to the silenced, or marginalized minorities.
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lawgov.gif (2723 bytes) Law and Government
The Critical Legal Studies movement is increasingly influential. This radical reading of the law sees all law as political constructs designed to hold down the poor, women, minorities, or those of alternative sexual preference. They think judges cannot be "fair" in any objective sense, and are therefore really only engaging in the theater of justice while pursuing their own agenda.
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