Dennis McCallum

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Good evangelism is God's will for the church (II Cor.5:19,20). When the church loses its evangelistic edge, the sentence is spiritual death. No amount of study, love, sharing, or serving will save the church when we have no evangelism. This is the first priority for leaders.

Although we can use a wide variety of evangelistic methods, our job as leaders is to understand and teach those principles that are most suitable and effective in our home church. The following evangelistic concepts are all evident in scripture. Included under each biblical principle are suggestions for effective implementation.

To agitate for evangelism, lead in evangelism, and empower evangelism, nothing works better than an evangelism-centered Worker's Prayer Meeting. Study the prayer meeting handout carefully. All our following comments assume you have an effective prayer offensive in place already in you home church.

I. Warm Medium (Friendship) Evangelism

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