Homiletics Workshop

"Preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season." All walking Christians will find the need to communicate God's truths to Christians and non-Christians. This workshop helps to develop those skills or gifts for young Christians, and helps the experienced teacher expand and deepen their work in the teaching ministry. Whether you teach in a public setting, home group, or one-on-one, God can use this workshop to bring his Word into the hearts of your listeners in a more impactful manner.

Course Outline
Week 1

Interpreting the Bible Properly

Grammatical-Historical Hermeneutics
(and class notes)
Inductive Study Method

Inductive worksheet of Philemon
Problem Passage Interpretation

Application of Scripture to Today's Culture and People
Application Restrictions

Week 2
Developing Your Teaching
Authoritative Speaking
(using the "Homiletic Worksheet")
Homiletic Worksheet chart
Homiletic Worksheet examples (Rom. 12:3-8, Psalm 142)
Six Laws of Dynamic Bible Teaching
Typical Teaching Format
Preparing Your First Few Teachings
Romans 12:3-8 Teaching Outline
Colossians 2: 8-15 Teaching Outline
John Stott on Preparing Sermons

Presenting Your Teaching
Authoritative Speaking

Homiletics Do's and Don'ts
Additional Keys to Effective Preaching

Peer Feedback Form
Leader Feedback Form

Two 10 minute original teachings on assigned passages
The teachings should be given as to your home group

Assume there are non-Christians present

You'll be responsible not only for proper interpretation and application, but also for justifying both when necessary

Limit your teaching notes to one side of an 8 1/2 X 5 1/2 sheet of paper

Bring your own video tape.

Due the second week
A copy of the inductive overview of the entire book of 2 Corinthians.

Due the week of each teaching
A copy of the Specific Study (6 questions) for your passage
A copy of the Homiletic Worksheet for your teaching
A copy of your actual teaching notes.

Participate in giving constructive feedback to each teacher
Fill out a Critique Sheet for each teacher and after the discussion, pass it to the teacher.

Due the week following each teaching
A copy of your own evaluation of your teaching, after viewing yourself on video. Don't simply fill out a critique sheet for your teaching. Rather, interact with the feedback from the instructor and other students. How do you agree/disagree with their feedback? What other areas of strength/weakness can you identify? What would you do differently the next time you teach?